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Œconomica by SOREC
Silviu CERNA
Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara
Technocracy is considered a government system where decisions are adopted in a rational and disinterested way. Technocracy is involved not only in the construction of decisions, but also in exercising power in various fields, policies and programs. Technocracy operates as an element of power structures and the technocrats are not only experts offering rational disinterested technical solutions, but also authors of resource allocation and income distribution decisions, which are essentially political decisions. This paper examines the relationship between technocracy and economics in contemporary societies, in which the presence of this socio-political professional category is inevitable.

ŒCONOMICA no. 1-2/2016
Keywords: democracy, economy, politics, technocrats, technocracy
JEL: E52, E58, E61, E62
Technocracy and Economics [Tehnocraţia şi economia]