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The focus of the present paper is on the importance that the chance to education has for those people who forced by the war in their home country (e.g., Syria and Iraq) have to relocate themselves and adapt to a foreign culture, the culture of the adoptive country (Romania). In some cases, taking this opportunity to be enrolled in official educational programmes offered by Romania may help the refugee integrate as soon as possible and become a person who turns the tough experience of leaving his/her homeland into a life experience providing him/her the chance to evolve professionally, to get the chance for a job, a secure future. This way, our study draws attention upon the economic implications of this phenomenon as well. To this purpose, we offer here several examples of refugees who have succeeded to overcome all adapting difficulties and have actually become employees in Romanian companies.

ŒCONOMICA no. 3/2017
Keywords: refugee influx in Romania, official educational programme, economic implications
JEL: H52, H75, I24, I25, J61
Education and Employment Chances for the Refugee Influx in Romania