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Papers written in Romanian, English or French will be sent in electronic format (MS Word or compatible) at the following e-mail address: After receiving the paper, an electronic confirmation will be issued to the sender. The paper should not be considered as received without this confirmation.

1. Authors are welcome to use the basic quoting recommendations provided by the Chicago Manual of Style “the author-date system”:

2. All submitted documents must be written using 1.5 line spacing and must not exceed 40 pages. This restriction includes the abstract (no more than 250 words), bibliographic references, tables, figures, charts, as well as any appendices.

3. Submitted papers must be written in Times New Roman 12, with the exception of the title (TNR 16 bold) and subtitles (TNR 14 bold). All indentations must be 2.54 cm. This format applies to the whole paper.

4. Footnotes must only be explanatory and will not be used for quoting purposes. Citations will only be made in the body of the text, using the following format: Name, Year, Page. No endnotes will be used.

5. The submitted paper must be sent to editorial so that its title, the author’s name, affiliation and contact information, the institution or grant that financed the research upon which the paper was written, references to the individuals that contributed their comments, as well as a note with relations of the paper to other pieces of work published by the author on the same topic are written on a distinct page, placed before the ones containing the title, the abstract and the body of the paper. This page will have the option to be removed without affecting the rest of the paper when sent to the double-blind review,

6. All data used in the analysis must be based on a verifiable documentation.

7. Bibliography is mandatory for any kinds of paper: study, essay, comment, response, view, review. The format is the one stated in paragraph 1.
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