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Any paper proposed for publication in ŒCONOMICA, might it be a study, an essay, a comment, reply, view or review, must not be submitted for evaluation at any other academic magazine in the field.

All papers submitted must represent original studies and must refer to and present all other papers published by the author on the same topic, as well as relate the current paper to them.

Papers received for evaluation are first rated by one of the members of the editorial and scientific board, in accordance to the criteria of both their particular expertise in the specific field of the paper to evaluate and their non-conflict of interest with the author of the said paper.

Only after the approval for proceeding with the evaluation towards publishing the paper, a double-blind review system is initiated, both the author and the evaluating reviewers remaining anonymous. Notes will be brought to the author’s attention in a time period announced by editorial once the approval for the proper evaluation is given. The dialogue, mediated by editorial, between the author and the reviewer is considered concluded only when the author will have been applied the received notes to the final form of the paper already evaluated, the exchange of material  between the two sides being restricted at three rounds. Comments, replies to comments and book reviews will be also sent for evaluation to the referred paper’s author, so that the latter has the possibility to issue a reply, in case they want to invoke this right.

For quotes, tables, charts, maps and other copied elements, sources must be specified and full responsibility for the accuracy of quotations belongs to the author.

The authors understand that they transfer the proprietary right on the content of the papers published by ŒCONOMICA and have the right to re-use it for journalistic purposes only with the previous agreement of ŒCONOMICA.

Access to full printed or online formats of ŒCONOMICA comes under the trade policy of ROSETTI INTERNATIONAL Publishing House. Access is usually available for a charge, while exceptions, such as gratuitousness, are agreed directly with the publishing house.

Submission & Review Policy