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In recent years, the image and role of women entrepreneurs have received important facets, with significant results on the development of new jobs and also with aspects on a renewed company that can offer different perspectives and approaches to management, organization and business’ control. In the same time it is important for policy makers to have separate information concerning the positive dichotomy between the human genders, both for employers and for the self-employed. In order to develop such indicators on entrepreneurship, two different sources are identified: a) data from studies on employment and population census and b) at the Trade Registry data, surveys and economic censuses information on business owners. Analysis of gender differences in entrepreneurship requires the clear identification of the area of interest. There are two problems with this: a) how to distinguish between entrepreneurs and other economic factors and b) how to differentiate between firms owned by women and owned by men. However, we can reduce the heterogeneity of entrepreneurs’ figures, perhaps on emphasising the subcategory “employers”. Employers are more likely to be the ones who develop an entrepreneurial project (innovation, market exploration, expansion). Moreover, one can clearly highlight gender differences, focusing on them.

ŒCONOMICA no. 3/2017
Keywords: female entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, PIA, OECD, employment, employer, self-employed
JEL: A10, A19, J01, J16, J53, J70
Women Entrepreneurship: Enough Data for a Fair Analysis?