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Vasilica Mariana BIGEA
Academia de Studii Economice din Bucureşti
This paper seeks to highlight the perseverance with which Nobel Laureate in Economics (2000) Joseph Stiglitz draws attention to issues of global interest, problems that remain unsolved and which, despite the sound statements and promises of politicians, regardless of doctrinal colour, regardless of the country in which they live, have made a strong impression on the quality of life and health of everyone. Inequality, generated by a lot of factors, has always existed, but over the years 1980-2020 it deepened. This state has also been encouraged by the phenomenon of globalization, understood and managed by public institutions and politicians differently, depending on their interests and the level of development of the countries of origin. A dialogue of the deaf people has been taken place over time, a dialogue between professional economists, politicians and environmentalists, each technocrat sounding an alarm, a signal that politicians and their institutions have consistently ignored. The consequences are deeply felt by the population worldwide. Social unrest has made felt its presence as a sign of reaching a higher threshold of endurance, human rights are frequently violated, mass migration, unemployment, the poverty line, reached by an increasing number of people, the ecological imbalance accentuated and, last but not least, the continuous deterioration of people’s health. If politicians pay due attention to the cries for help of mankind and if they open themselves to the advice of economists, only time can prove it.

ŒCONOMICA no. 3-4/2020
Keywords: inequality, globalization, migration, unemployment, poverty line
JEL: A11, A12
Joseph Stiglitz – An Economist of Uncertain Times