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Academia de Studii Economice din Bucureşti
This paper aims to highlight how the only existing form of mixed ownership in Romania has been put into practice, namely the public-private partnership in education, but also the efforts made for this purpose, as well as the resulting benefits for society and the Romanian economy, following its implementation. Although in the developed countries of Europe this form of collaboration has existed for several years and has contributed massively to the development of society and the economy, in Romania things have evolved more difficultly, but with results. The openness of teachers, economic agents and state institutions, respectively the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Education, contributed to these results, and it proves to be a way to avoid dropping out of school – one of the major problems of Romanian education –, but also the way in which the entrepreneurial environment is involved in the formation of the labour force it needs.

ŒCONOMICA no. 3-4/2020
Keywords: public-private partnership, education, business environment, dropout, skilled labour
JEL: I121, I125
Public-Private Partnership in Education – Result of Globalization