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Alexandru-Ştefan GOGHIE
Independent Researcher
This paper makes a case for the reconsideration of the role of normative institutional framework in socio-economic development. Normative principles, those that dictate social rules, cannot be imposed from above, but represent an evolutionary factor starting from the historical past of a social group, which is modified as the volume of active interactions with other social groups is on an upward trend. The role of these normative principles is associated with the different characteristic pattern of formal institutional framework, and for the economic development and implicitly the formal institutional development to appear, a prior normative change is required, an exchange of unique normative experiences between social groups. We also provide a framework for understanding how these exchanges are taking place.

ŒCONOMICA no. 3-4/2020
Keywords: normative, evolutive, institutional, cognitive, interactions
JEL: B25, B31, B41, B52, D02
Normative and Cognitive Evolution of Institutions. Historical Disequilibrium