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Octavian-Dragomir JORA
Academia de Studii Economice din Bucureşti
What could the novel new world order look like? Perhaps that is not the best question, as it incarcerates us in the same academic armchair abstractions which, for all their glacial utility, sound somewhat estranged from the heat of the present days. Two or three generations later, in our corner of the world, the smell of gunpowder (and cannon fodder) once again permeates the air, with all its hybrid variations in the economy, the cyber-realm and mass media. Therefore, the forthcoming new world order will be born yet again old. It will likely be an order in which the edifices of (global) governance, painted as virtuous, will be built upon a shaky foundation of (national) vices as well as the wedge between the governors and those whom they govern. It will likely be an order in which the demagoguery of democracies still remains barely distinguishable from that of dictatorships, the difference being that the former works, as demonstrated historically, far better with the living than with the dead. It will likely be an order in which, regardless of the characters used to write the peace of the victors (i.e. Latin, Cyrillic, logographic), its ultimate value will depend on the character of those who shall read it.

ŒCONOMICA nr. 1-2/2022