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Alexandru POPOVICI
Universitatea Româno-Americană
Substance and energy are the main forms under which both the processes at the economy basis (production and trade) and of the ecosphere (from soil and subsoil, biosphere and atmosphere) are presenting. Therefore, mass-energy models allow a unified treatment of the “social metabolism” and of its interaction with the environment. In this study, we present the most important models, both those that study separately material or energy flows, as well as the synthetic ones, more complex, but more realistic. We deal with both descriptive and prescriptive models, which serve to develop analyses and policies at various levels: branch, country, region or global ensemble. In addition, we analyse the main assumptions and methods of these models, together with the goals and the feasibility of policies built-up on their basis.

ŒCONOMICA no. 3-4/2022
Keywords: economy, ecology, material flow analysis, energy flow analysis, systemic models, technological evolution, life cycle assessment, economic policies
JEL: B50, C50, O33, Q57
Mass-Energy Models of the Economy – Concepts and Realities