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The purpose of the present article is drawing attention upon our economic students’ preference for the use of online resources for business English oral presentations and finding the answers which explain such choices. Moreover, students’ selection of their presentation topics themselves has an online motivation based on the wide availability of online resources on various business/economic issues. The applied part of our research consists in a questionnaire addressed to our first year economic students within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Actually, this questionnaire comes to justify our assumption that the main reason for the choice comes from the multiple advantages of online sources among which availability occupies a top position. If we were to mention a shortcoming of such sources that would be the question of their reliability. Therefore, teachers’ role is decisive here, as they are the ones that can guide their students throughout their research for business English oral presentations. We have questioned a number of 160 students and the conclusion is that all of them have used mainly online bibliographical sources and state that they have not even thought about using library paper books. Their answers reveal certain facts. In the selection process of the online sources things like being as recent as possible, offering rich information count a lot. Another interesting fact is that making the presentation plan comes before finding the right online sources, which may seem risky, but fortunately for every topic (no matter how unique or restrictive like “crypto currency”) that they chose, they found appropriate and sufficient online sources.

ŒCONOMICA no. 2/2017
Keywords: online bibliographical sources, business English oral presentations, questionnaire
JEL: A10, A20, A22
Students’ Preference for the Use of Online Resources for Business English Oral Presentations