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Œconomica by SOREC
Delia-Raluca ŞANCARIUC
Sciences Po Paris
Academia de Studii Economice din Bucureşti
The current fast-changing economic climate calls for the better utilization of one’s assets. While the concept of sharing economy is not new, recent technological developments pave the way for an improvement of this business model. From Airbnb to Uber or Bla Bla Car, new generation service providers tend to revolutionize business approaches by attracting more customers, enhancing revenues, and penetrating new markets, with small or no investment in physical assets. This paper focuses on one such service provider – Taxify – and its development perspectives in the European economy, mapping relevant data on its presence, business model and strategies. Taxify and companies alike are currently the target of a topical debate on stricter regulation of public transportation in taxi regime. We argue that such companies are emblematic for the new technology-driven sharing economy in Europe, and representatives of the newfound quaternary sector – a blend between services and technology.

ŒCONOMICA no. 1/2019
Keywords: sharing economy, disruptive technology, technology-driven business model, quaternary sector, Taxify, ridesharing
JEL: L91, M13, O33, R41
The Rise of Technology-Driven Sharing Economy in Europe: The Case of Taxify