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Œconomica by SOREC
Maria Mirona MUREA
Academia de Studii Economice din Bucureşti
The bond between humans and horses dates to the beginning of time. The dynamics of the modern world allowed mankind to develop new industries in which equine are no longer used to power vehicles or tillers, but are employed in sports, recreation and psychotherapy (i.e. Equine Assisted Therapy – EAT). Using horses as a therapeutic tool enabled a high level of specialists’ interaction: psychologists, psychiatrists, and equestrians (specialized instructors). It has also contributed to the development of a new industry, which has been growing, especially after the economic and financial crisis. As a health service, it is designed for the benefit of the patient, but it can also create competitiveness. This article focuses on analysing the possibility that EAT delivers Europe 2020 set targets in the EU and presents a brief description of the development of this industry in Romania.

ŒCONOMICA no. 1/2019
Keywords: uropean Union, human development, disabilities, equine assisted therapy
JEL: I12, O15, O52, Q19
Can Horses Pull Competitiveness? Equine Assisted Therapy in Delivering Europe 2020 – A Brief Analysis