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One of the most polemical issues regarding the European construction was, is, and remains the balance between the redistributive role of the European budget, and the role generating the European public goods. The paper examines and discusses such an issue from the perspective of the “final” target of the European construction: the economic, social, territorial, and institutional convergence. The method used is that of logical, institutional and, partially, of a counter-factual analysis, without an empirical illustration in the case. The conclusion is that the “production” of European public goods is more adequate than maintaining the budgetary target on the redistribution of the European own resources. Of course, such a conclusion should be accommodated with the necessity of reducing (if not eliminating) the current disparities among member states as well as among regions in the EU.

ŒCONOMICA no. 3/2019
Keywords: European Union, European public goods, redistributive budgetary role, European cohesion, European budget
JEL: B40, E10, F00
Switching the European Budget Expenditures towards the European Public Goods