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Œconomica by SOREC
Vasilica Mariana BIGEA
Academia de Studii Economice din Bucureşti
Globalization has led to the historical reduction of poverty worldwide, but it has generated, as noticeable using 2019 data, a series of complex, interconnected and discouraging concerns, at the level of all states, of large or small companies, but also of ordinary families. Although we live in an era of high resources and technologies, for many people it is an era of insecurity. Situations of deep crisis are sometimes passed over as if people are hit by somnambulism, while the divisions strengthen helplessly. Geopolitical and geo-economic tensions are proving to be the greatest risks facing humanity at the moment. The tension between the globalization of the world economy and a growing nationalism worldwide is one of the biggest risks. Will the state leaders of the moment succeed in finding out an effective solution to these problems and at what cost?

ŒCONOMICA no. 4/2019
Keywords: globalization, risks, tensions, world economy, divisions
JEL: F00, F60
Control Recovery – A Concern for State Leaders of the World [Recuperarea controlului – o preocupare pentru liderii statelor lumii]