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The paper’s aim is, mainly, to fructify the generous suggestions (both conceptual and methodological) provided by Professor Silviu Cerna’s dense paper entitled “The Human Capital: Economic Analysis of Education”, alongside published. Beyond the (probably unhappily chosen) denomination of human capital, some basic topics are analysed under the light of the four economic questions: what, how, how much, and for whom. The study examines also other issues as: the merit and its objectifying, the dimensions of the human capital, the functions objectified by the human capital usage, and the concept of uncertainty absorption in the theory of signal applied to human capital. The final conclusion is that human capital is, at the same time, more and less than capital.

ŒCONOMICA no. 1-2/2020
Keywords: human capital, human person, merit, education, ethics
JEL: B41, I25, O15
Human Capital in the Quadrilateral of Economic Questioning [Capitalul uman în patrulaterul chestionării economice]