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Œconomica by SOREC
George-Eduard GRIGORE
Academia de Studii Economice din Bucureşti
Starting from the well-established notion that man is a being that lives in a society and the fact that his needs are unlimited in relation to the available resources, this paper focuses on the increasingly overwhelming decrease of the rooted tension between those two fundamental concepts in economics by identifying credible and promising solutions. Thus, the term “blue economy” reflects the fact that there is huge potential in the world for innovations that would enable us to better cope with the many challenges posed by the devastating effects of various types of economic, financial, environmental, fuel, food or environmental crises. Also closely related to the idea of sustainability, this new type of economic approach gives humanity new opportunities and perspectives by promoting appropriate policies to support research and development in view of the implementation of mechanisms based on sustainable practices inspired by ecosystems. Following the analysis of the main economic indicators at EU level (the number of jobs in specific sectors of the blue economy and their specific Gross Value Added), there has been a continuous upward trend generated by the efforts of European authorities to perceive, understand, assimilate and adopt the most relevant aspects relating to the phenomenon of the blue economy. The study’s contribution is based on the manifestation of this new phenomenon, which is analysed by collecting updated data from the latest reports and documents, as well as by presenting case studies aimed at identifying its characteristics, features, advantages and weaknesses, both at EU, Romanian and a global level.

ŒCONOMICA no. 1/2021
Keywords: blue economy, natural resource efficiency, innovation, sustainable development, natural management
JEL: P18, P28, Q01, Q26, Q55, Q56
“The Blue Economy” – The Phoenix of the Present Times. Implications on Current Humanity Problems