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Alexandru POPOVICI
Universitatea Româno-Americană
After having studied, in the first part of this paper, the reality of the global evolution of non-combustible materials and the Material Flow Analysis (MFA) method, in the second part we deal with the methods of Energy Flow Analysis (EFA) and the Material and Energy Flow Analysis (MEFA) together, in their intrinsic correlation. We also highlight the need to extend them through the concepts and procedures of multilevel modelling and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). We show, before this, the factual situation of fuels and other primary energy sources, as well as the technological methods of their transformation into effective energy, over the last twenty years. Finally, we examine the prospects for the evolution of materials and energies used in the world economy.

ŒCONOMICA no. 4/2023
Keywords: economy, energy flow analysis, material flow analysis, multilevel models, technological evolution, life cycle assessment, ecology, economic policies
JEL: B50, C50, O33, Q57
Mass-Energy Models of the Economy – Concepts and Realities (II). Energy Flow Analysis