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In this article, we address the topic of trade relations between Romania and the United Mexican States. The necessity of this topic arises from the need to maintain the upward trend and maximize the commercial opportunities we have, which are essential for the efforts of Romanian authorities to reduce the trade deficit. Currently, there is no well-defined and efficient export strategy based on the economic particularities and business culture practiced in Mexico. Foreign trade represents one of the oldest components of international economic relations; it has made the strengthening of economic relations between states much easier, thereby fostering collaborative diplomatic relationships. In writing this article, we used official statistical data provided by public institutions from both countries, information collected from entrepreneurs, both Romanian and Mexican, as well as a series of academic articles in the field. This research highlights both the opportunities available to the local business environment in the Mexican market and the challenges that trade relations have encountered during this period.

ŒCONOMICA no. 4/2023
Keywords: foreign trade, commercial relations, economic policies
JEL: F10, F16, F50
Trade Relations between Romania and the United Mexican States: Export Challenges and Opportunities [Relaţiile comerciale ale României cu Statele Unite Mexicane: provocări şi oportunităţi ale exportului]